Stewardship is always in season at CTK.  Every gift given is returned ten-fold as our ministries reach out to the community and beyond as the face and hands of Jesus Christ. 

Option 1:  Make Contributions Online

We have a secure donation page setup that allows you to use your credit card to make contributions

If you prefer to have the Parish Office set up your online giving, mail this Automatic Payment Authorization Form to

Christ the King
Attn: Paul Zdechlik
5029 Zenith Ave S,
Minneapolis MN 55410

You may also request that APA form be mailed to you by emailing Paul Zdechlik.

Option 2:  Bill Pay

Set up and controlled by you, the parishioner, through your own bank.  (Suggestion:  Use your Envelope Number as your Account Number.)

Option 3:  Drop a Check in the Collection Basket or Send a Check via Mail

Mail To:

Christ the King
Attn: Paul Zdechlik
5029 Zenith Ave S,
Minneapolis MN 55410

Option 4: Text to Give

Text the amount you’d like to give here: 844-928-1193 and follow the on screen instructions. 

You can download the instructions here.


Option 5:  Donate Stock to Christ the King

Our parish works with RBC Wealth Management to process the delivery of securities.

RBC Wealth Management | 60 South 6th Street – P22, Minneapolis, MN 55402 |P (866)791-2743.

Let them know you intend to donate stock to CTK. They will process the transaction for the parish.

Contact your broker and authorize a stock gift transfer.

Provide the following instructions: Deliver to RBC Wealth Management via DTC #0235, to the account of Church of Christ the King #306-22236.

Thank you for your contributions to Christ the King