Welcome to the Church of Christ the King

2017 Stewardship Drive

The Church of Christ the King has stood in southwest Minneapolis since 1938. The imposing stone structure rises amid handsome homes, witnessing to the real presence of the Risen Christ in our corner of the world. But, ever more impressive than our beautiful building, is the “temple of living stones” that God has created on 51st and Zenith Avenues. The temple, this body, is recreated, reformed, and renewed with every new member who joins us, with every visitor who stops by, with every Eucharist we celebrate.

If you are new to Christ the King, I hope that you’ll learn something about us here. But if you really want to get to know us, consider making a real live visit in real time. I’m confident that you’ll find the warmest of welcomes; authentic, faithful, vibrant worship; a lively Catholic community of creative teachers and learners; Christian disciples committed to charity and justice; esteemed elders and babes in arms, each one sharing their gifts as members of the Body of Christ.

In the meantime, if we can be of support or service to you in any way, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Welcome to the Church of Christ the King!



Sunday Mass: 9:30 a.m.
Saturday Vigil Mass: 4:30 p.m.
Weekday Mass: 8:00 a.m. (Tue-Fri)

April 9, 2017: Palm Sunday of the Lord’s Passion
4:30 PM Mass
9:30 AM Mass
Mass begins in the Gathering Space with the Blessing of Palms

April 13, 2017:  Holy Thursday                
9:00 AM Morning Prayer                    
7:00 PM Mass

April 14, 2017:  Good Friday
9:00 AM Morning Prayer
3:00 PM Solemn Liturgy

April 15, 2017:  Holy Saturday  
9:00 AM Morning Prayer
8:00 PM Easter Vigil

April 16, 2017:  EASTER SUNDAY
9:30 AM Mass

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