Your Contribution in Action

As members of the Body of Christ, we share in the ministry of the Church. For most, that service is centered at our parish.

Therefore, we are called as disciples of Jesus, to further His mission by supporting the ministries offered through our community here at Christ the King.

Stewardship invites us to answer this calling by giving us the opportunity to:

  • Express our gratitude to God for all He has given us.

  • Renew our faith and grow closer to Christ through our personal sacrifices.

  • Help our parish remain strong and fulfill its mission.

  • Express our love for the Lord and each other through support of this parish community.

It is your support of Christ the King that provides:

  • Sacraments and visitations to those in need.

  • Education for the next generation of Catholic Christians.

  • Support of special ministry and outreach programs.

  • Parish facilities in which the life of the parish can be nurtured.

  • Pastoral ministry and counseling to those facing difficult times.

  • Dedicated parish staff to carry out these ministries.