Here at Christ the King, we take our responsibility to create and maintain safe environments and are committed to ensuring the safety of children, youth, and vulnerable adults. To that end, we ask all adult volunteers to help us fulfill that responsibility by completing what the Archdiocese calls the Essential 3: VIRTUS training, background checks,  and signing a Code of Conduct for Adult Volunteers before they begin volunteering. To sign-up for a VIRTUS training session, click here.

The Faith Formation catechists, in addition to the VIRTUS training, receive additional  training to catechetic.

The U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops (USCCB) mandates that all dioceses provide age-appropriate church approved safety instructions for children in faith formation programs. Children in grades 1-5 will engage in the Virtus curriculum – Protecting God’s Children; grades 6-8 will use a NetSmartz program. This information will be presented in the fall and the spring as part of our regular faith formation sessions. To opt out of these lessons as a conscientious objector, please contact Kelley Deshler and we will send your request to the Archdiocesan Office.

We also have available for all parents: VIRTUS, Teaching Boundaries and Safety Guide: Guide for Caring Adults, Parent and Guardians. Contact Nadine Reiser to receive a copy.