High School Week - for students who have completed 9th-12th Grade - July 7-10

Middle School Week - for students who have completed 6th-8th Grade - July 14-17

High school students can also apply to help with middle school week, contact Uchenna for more information.

Summer Festival is a one week camp that takes place on a college campus featuring exhilarating activities designed to help you have a blast, make great friends and walk a little closer to God.  There’s TONS to choose from when filling up your week at Summer Festival. From hunkering down in your own dorm room that you share with a friend, to eating all you can eat in the Caf, to rocking out to the incredible Summer Fest band, to launching an attack on your counselor during a messy fight, you will never be bored. This summer see what all of they excitement is about, check out Summer Festival Camp.


Downunder is a time for kids just to hang out and have fun at the church. Tuesday, March 19 4pm-5:30pm. Down Under is still free to attend but students can buy chips, candy or pop for $1 each. Sign-up closes at 10am the day of.