Chill Fest

Chill Fest is our middle school (6th-8th Grade) lock-in that will take place Friday, January 11 to Saturday, January 12. We will meet in down under at 7pm that Friday and return at 7:15am that Saturday. We start with mass at St. Victoria and move to the Chaska Community Center where there will be Ice skating, laser tag, pool, prayer room, karaoke, a dance and much more. at the end of the night we return to St. Victoria to watch a movie on their big screen. after the movie we will return to CTK for pick-up.

4th and 5th Grade Downunder

Downunder is a time for kids just to hang out and have fun at the church. Tuesday, December 18 4pm-5:30pm. Down Under is still free to attend but students can buy chips, candy or pop for $1 each. Sign-up closes at 10am the day of.

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