Dear Friend of Christ the King, 

With Thanksgiving approaching, I count my new role at Christ the King among my many blessings. I believe Christ the King to be a parish on a mission: a mission rooted in social justice and inclusiveness.  We are a parish that stands for Christ and supports those in need.  And we are a caring community that fosters inclusive, welcoming worship opportunities.

It’s with this sense of mission that our stewardship campaign is themed CTK: On a Mission. I’m calling on you to stand, support and serve.  Stand as a registered member of Christ the King, support our parish and its ministries, and serve others through our ministries whenever possible.

Our parish needs your support. This year’s campaign goal -- $1,500,000 to cover our $1,250,00 operating budget and $250,000 for building needs in 2017 -- is ambitious, but achievable.  With 1,000 registered households at CTK, we need to average $1,500 per household.  With your help, I am confident we can reach our goal. 

Each and every one of us who benefits from membership in this community must do his or her part to sustain and grow our vital undertaking.  If you are not currently a member I invite you to join us by filling out a pledge for 2017.  I humbly ask you to consider giving $125 per month ($1,500 per year), which is the average cost per household to operate the parish.  

As an added incentive to pledge, an anonymous parishioner has generously offered to match a portion of every pledge made by December 15th.  The donor will double the match for every household pledging to donate via automatic withdrawal.  Your immediate response to our appeal will enable us to take full advantage of this opportunity. 

Automatic withdrawal provides us with a consistent flow of income and reduces our administrative costs.  I’d be grateful if you would make your contribution through automatic withdrawals.

In this upcoming season of thanks, I’m thankful for you and your commitment to Christ the King.  Know that no gift -- financial, time or effort -- is too small to be appreciated.

Father Herb Hayek, O.P.