About Christ the King

We understand the Christian Church to be an assembly of people who have heard the Story of Jesus and have recognized Him as alive and present in their lives. Like generations of believers before them, these people share with each other and their families The Story in which they discover the meaning of human existence. These people acknowledge that their assembly is essential for The Story to endure.


Mission Statement

We, the Catholic Parish of Christ the King, are an assembly of people who gather to share the Story of Jesus and tell it to others. We commit ourselves to welcome God’s reign of justice, love, mutual service, and peace here in our midst.

We seek to make the Christian Church happen in the following ways:

  1. By Assembling, especially on the Lord’s Day, to celebrate our shared religious experience;

  2. By being a welcoming community that celebrates differences and cares for all, especially those who feel alienated, excluded, wounded or unworthy;

  3. By honoring the gifts of God’s creation and challenging each other as stewards to share our time, talent, leadership, creativity, and treasure;

  4. By reconciling with each other, in acknowledgment of our communal and individual sinfulness;

  5. By exercising our baptismal responsibility of the church’s mission as sponsors and companions to others, in our daily struggles and in significant experiences of transition;

  6. By continually educating ourselves and our children in the meaning and challenge of the Story of Jesus;

  7. By reaching out to the deprived and oppressed, who constitute the majority of human society;

  8. By encouraging the elimination of barriers that prevent our full realization as the church; and

  9. By collaborating with others in our midst and in our greater community who share a common purpose.


Parish Staff


Director of Formation & Discipleship

Building Engineer

Parish Business Administrator

Director of Music and Liturgy

Office Manager

Pastoral Minister


5029 Zenith Ave S
Minneapolis, MN 55410

612.920.5030 (main)
612.926.0283 (fax)

Office Hours:

8:30 a.m. - 1:30 p.m.
Monday - Thursday